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5 Small things to keep in mind for September 2, 2022

And happy back to school days for all those who celebrate. I have no idea how it's the beginning of September.

1) Couche-Tard buys Wilson Gas Stations

Couch-Tard has entered into an agreement with the Competition Bureau to sell a number of the Wilson convenience stores and gas stations.


Because Couche-Tard ALSO runs the Circle K conveince stores in the Irving Gas Stations. One of the Wilson stations that will be sold is located just outside Amherst - hopefully the new owner can get the Tim Horton's there to operate more effectively.

I suppose forcing the sale of these stores is better than nothing. It won't increase competition and may not even prevent a lessening of competition, it will all depend on who buys them. I'd rather the Competition Bureau just said no to this merger.

2) Maybe it was Earth all along?

Matt Young realized in his newsletter that it was corporate greed behind inflation. One startling fact -

Read his whole post for more of his analysis.

3) Another example of corporate profits...

4) Another example of monopolies driving inflation

Nicholas Shaxson wrote "The Finance Curse: How Global Finance is Making Us All Poorer" and is a founder of the Balanced Economy Project in Europe. He's worth a follow. Click here for the article he linked to.

5) Happy Labour Day Everyone...