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5 Small things to keep in mind for June 17, 2022

1. Part 2 – Trade Secrets of the Combines Detectives, by Peter C Newman

In episode 5 of Monopolies Killed My Hometown , I actually get into the article. Last week, in part 1, I started in the article but mostly looked at the merger of Rogers Communications and MacLean Hunter. This week I look at the article – I cover the list of all the combines and anti-competitive behaviour that were found previously by the investigators, and I talk about some changes I’d love to see made during our current review.

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2. Monopolies and Inflation?

Cory Doctorow is an outstanding Twitter follow, he writes often about corporate power, monopolies and anti-trust. I also agree with his takes on children’s books too.

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In this Twitter thread he outlines how corporate greed and pricing power by monopolies has exacerbated our current inflation problems.

Also available to read here: https://t.co/F05zpANAvs

3. Old Anti-Trust Cartoon of the Week

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This is from Puck Magazine. P.C. Knox was a lawyer, US Senator and Secretary of State. I think the point of this cartoon is to highlight that tariffs were used to protect monopolized industries. Sometimes it’s easier to remove laws that are enabling monopolies instead of dealing with them through Competition Policy.

This comes up in the podcast episode from this week. In Canada, an eye-glass manufacturer had a dominant position and was forcing customers to over pay. At this time the government moved all their patents into the public domain which gave any manufacturer access to them. This increased competition much sooner and easier than trying to fight the monopoly head on.

We should remember this as we review the Canadian Competition Act this year.

4. CIGI Competition Policy Series: What Steps Must Canada Take to Address the Challenges from Digital Technologies?

CIGI hosted their third panel discussion on competition policy in the digital economy with Professor Jennifer Quaid, Denise Hearn and Keldon Bester.

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Another great conversation and thought provoking discussion for anyone interested in Canadian Competition matters.

5. The Monkeys get it:

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