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5 Small things to keep in mind for May 26 2022

1.  Canadian Anti-Monopoly Project

I’m excited to announce the creation of the Canadian Anti-Monopoly Project (CAMP). The fantastic Robin Shaban and Keldon Bester and I have worked over the last few months to create this think tank. CAMP is dedicated to addressing the issues caused by monopoly power in Canada.

Follow us here:

Website: www.antimonopoly.ca

Twitter: https://twitter.com/monopolyproject

2. CAMP Twitter Spaces

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Robin, Keldon and I hosted a Twitter spaces for us to talk about Rogers/Shaw merger, the purpose of the Competition Act and how mergers effect small towns. If you missed it last week, take a listen today.

3. Old Editorial Cartoon of the Week

This could be put out again today – just switch out the names of the trusts.

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4. Explainer of Competition Policy

Centre for International Governance (CIGI) and Vass Bednar put together this explainer video of Competition Policy.

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If you're just getting started on your learning path, start with this video.

5. Monopolies Killed My Hometown Podcast

I’ve posted the first 3 episodes of my new podcast. The next episode will be on the Combines Investigators from the 1950’s and how their investigations impacted the Canadian economy.

I want to increase the reach of the podcast, and could use your help. If you’ve listened and enjoyed an episode, could you leave a review and a rating on Apple Podcasts ? This would help me, and the anti-monopoly movement, immensely.