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5 Small Things to Keep in Mind for June 3, 2022

1.  Episode 4 – Combines Investigators Part 1

Episode 4 of “Monopolies Killed My Hometown” is live now. It’s a 2 parter about the Trade Secrets of the Combines Detectives by Peter C Newman in MacLean’s magazine from 1952. In part 1 I looked at the history of MacLean’s magazine, and delved into Rogers Communications Inc buying it in 1994. And I explained my thought process on how a merger like this one would ultimately lead to the decline of local news in our smaller communities. Tl dr; once big companies start merging, little ones need to merge to be able to compete. I also point out that one of the ‘efficiencies’ gained by Rogers is to use their $200 million dollars of losses to offset MacLean Hunter’s profits of $150 million in order to reduce their tax bills.

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2. CIGI Panel

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Vass Bednar hosted a panel discussion with Competition Bureau Commissioner Matthew Boswell, Robin Shaban, Brandon Schaufele and Tahira Dawood. Vass did an outstanding job as host. Commissioner Boswell offered some insights into his vision for the Competition Bureau. Robin, Tahira and Brandon shared differing views and opinions on how Competition Policy enforcement can benefit all of us. Unsurprisingly I agree with Robin and Tahira, and disagree with Brandon. This is well worth a listen.

3. Old Editorial Cartoon of the Week

I’ve got to say I don’t get this one. I assume there is A LOT of context I’m missing. Anyone out there able to offer thoughts on this? Was there a similar poem to this in the Alice in Wonderland Book? Thoughts?

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4. What’s a community without a bank?

Scotiabank is closing their branch on the island of Grand Manan, N.B. This is the last bank on the island. What happens to a community when it doesn’t have local access to the financial system? A banker at this branch will understand the needs of fishers and the fishing industry more so than someone elsewhere. Plus with the consolidation in the finance industry, no one locally could go and open a new bank. Read more here

5. Efficient supply chains are brittle AF

There’s a massive baby formula in the US, and a slight problem in Canada.. We fed our daughter with formula and I couldn’t imagine parenting a new born while worrying about how we’d feed her. Check out Matt Stoller’s video on this crisis and other issue he’s seeing.

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